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   Permanent Hair Removal (Electrolysis)  
  15 Minutes  $40  
  30 Minutes  $70  
  45 Minutes  $90  
  60 Minutes   $110  
  Permanent Makeup
   Brows $450  
   Lipliner $350  
   Full Lips $500  
   Lash Enhancement $200  
   Eyeliner (top) $250  
  Eyeliner (bottom)  $200  
  Eyeliner (both)  $450  
  Scar Revision  Varies  
  Areola  Varies  
  Facial Treatments   
  All facial treatments include a full skin analysis, deep cleansing and exfoliation. (Also, extractions when needed.) After a gentle massage and customized mask, your skin will be refreshed and rejuvenated.  
  Customized Facial  $80  
  Gentleman's Facial $80  
  Pure Oxygen Facial
(With Echo 2 System)
   Yummy Organic Facial
(A Client Favorite)
  Acne Treatment $95  
  Back Treatment $85  
  (Add with any treatment the Echo 2 Oxygen System with 87 vitamins and minerals and pure oxygen, for exceptional results)
  Microdermabrasion reduces fine lines, acne scars and sun damage. Also, you can combine a series of acids for safe and DRAMATIC results.  
  Clinical/Organic $120  
  • Series of Three $330  
  • Series of Six $630  
  w/Fruit Acids $150  
   w/Oxygen $165  
   Chemical Peels  
   Chemical peels provide many benefits. They restore dull, aging sun-damaged skin to a much brighter, healthier, youthful appearance. The results are AMAZING, even on sensitive skin, with little, or no, downtime.  
  Rejuvenize  $200  
  • Series of Three $555  
  Series of Six $1080  
  AHA Fruit Peel
w/Hungarian Paprika Gel
  Series of Three $270  
  Series of Six $510  
    Décolleté (chest) $125  
  Vascular Blemishes
   You no longer have to live with embarrassing vascular blemishes. Broken capillaries, brown spots and skin tags can be easily eliminated in as little as one treatment.  
  Broken Capillaries $150  
  Brown Spots $75  
  Skin Tags
  Rejuvenating Hand Treatment   
   w/Microdermabrasion $75  
   w/Acid Varies  
   Clinical (Skin Medica)  
  Certified Organic (Ilike)   
   Facial Waxing  Varies  
   Brow Shaping $25  

The products used are of the highest quality. Experience the difference
between real pulps and extracts...
and let your skin decide.

Give that special someone a beauty bonus
by treating them to a "Queen for a Day"
gift certificate.

Gift certificates are available for specific treatments or in any denomination.

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